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Edison Rocks!

Kaun Banega Crorepati 2 ads everywhere at Metro Park Station, New Jersey. Talk about India going Global (or globalization going to India..).

Static.. Static... Static!

Its winter time, the time to wear warm clothes, time to turn on the heaters, time to wear shoes all day long, and time to get shocked every time you touch something metal. I digged some sites on the net to find out how to avoid getting shocked, and tried the various methods.

Here are some practical things you can do:

1. Touch the metal surface with other metal surface. For example, touch the car door with your key first (make sure you are touching the metal part of the key). This way, the spark will be between the key and door, and u will not feel it.

2. Discharge yourself first before touching anything metal. You can do this by touching a wall or any other (non-plastic) surface before touching the metal sufrace.


The Perfect Phone

Since a very long time, I wanted to get a phone that is actually just a phone. It should:
1. Look like a phone (not a brick)
2. Synchronize with the computer (Mac) without any special software
3. Have bluetooth
4. (if possible) NOT have a camera.

You will find tons of phones with the above features for GSM (T-Mobile/Cingular), but there are none for Sprint. Sprint is very notorious in crippling the features from their phones. So recently, I needed to get a new phone, and found the perfect one: the Sony Ericsson T608.

This phone was sold by Sprint 2 years ago through phone sales. You can not buy it online or through the normal sprint stores, but if you call them and complain that you want a bluetooth phone, they will send this one to you. This phone has everything that a phone should actually have, and it seems to be untouched by Sprint, so has its features intact. I had decided to leave Sprint if this phone was not available.

As this model has been discontinued (rumors say that Sony made onl…

Good Indian Restaurants in Sunnyvale/Mountain View

Below is the list of a few good restaurants (in random order) alongwith their main highlight. The restaurant has to have good food, good service and good ambience according to their category.

1. Shiva's (Punjabi): Ambience
2. Madras Cafe (South Indian): Fast Service
3. Taaza Hut (Punjabi): Low Prices
4. Spice Hut (Manglorean!): Chicken Biryani
5. Passage to India Bakery (Weekend Buffet): Indian Sandwiches, Pizza, etc.

Nintendo Completes 20 Years

October 27, 2005 on 12:20 am

Nintendo/NES (called Samurai in India) just completed 20 years of its release. Its a moment of nostalgia for a lot of people who grew up with the beeping sounds of its games.
One of the best things nintendo has done is to stick with more playability and fun factor of the games as compared to other consoles, which added a lot of flesh and blood and adult content.

Even though nintendo is no more a market leader (it used to be 95% of market at its peak), it still has a great legacy of games that are still more fun to play than a lot of the new high-tech games. Some of my personal favourites were Super Mario Bros, Tennis, Contra, Bomber Man, Pro-AM, Jungle, Excite Bike, etc.

Below is a tribute to the greatest game ever made, Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario by Punk Covers (for Rock fans)
Super Mario by London Symphony Orchestra
Super Mario Remix!


My first Slashdot Article

October 24, 2005 on 3:18 pm

I am a person who kindof likes monday. However, today was not amongst those days. So i tried my luck on slashdot, and posted an article. Its about a startup in santa clara, who have developed a really low power 2 GHz PowerPC based CPUs. Quite Interesting if you are waiting for a newer Apple Powerbook. The interesting thing is, it got accepted!

Here is the link on slashdot.

From the comments in the article (i posted it as “DD”), it so happens that the founder of this company has initials “DD”, and /.ers feel that he has posted it for some free advertisement.


The Apple Effect

October 12, 2005 on 11:45 pm

So today was a “And One More Thing” day by Steve Jobs. And they came out with video on iPod! I remember steve jobs telling last time that video ipod does not make any sense. The screen is too small. You cannot connect it to the TV. Content is not present yet. But they still came out with one. And as usual, I got super-excited. Felt something missing in life, and the sudden urge to get the new iPod. But then i thought about it. Its not a big deal.

Its just an incremental update to the iPod that we have been expecting (since apple started using chips that supported video decoding and itunes supporting video podcasts). I still have the memory fresh in my mind when I jumped on Photo iPod bandwagon immediately when it came out. Its not even an year ago, and now the video iPod. I cant justify this one as the iPod dosent have speakers. So i cant show the video to a bunch of friends like pictures. But who knows…time shall tell.

In search of the perfect Ultracompact Camera

So I am looking for a good ultracompact camera which does not suck. The main criteria is the pictures should be good without flash and camera to be compact. I am not really into printing the pictures, so a 3 MP camera does the job.

Panasonic LumixThere was one camera that was always on my mind, the Panasonic Lumix DMC FX7. I wanted this camera because it has an Optical Image Stabilizer, which really helps while taking pictures with a slow aperture speed and without the flash. However, the camera sucked big time. It has a huge screen with a really bad resolution, and the pictures are horrible indoors. The worst thing, it does not have manual shutter speed setting, so the image stabilizer dosent really matter.

Casio S500The next one was a really cool looking camera: Casio S500. Its truly “ultracompact” and records video in MPEG-4. This was also a total waste of money. MPEG4 is just for name sake on this camera, it records movies at 4 MBPS at 640×480 resolution (this is what all other came…