The Apple Effect

October 12, 2005 on 11:45 pm

So today was a “And One More Thing” day by Steve Jobs. And they came out with video on iPod! I remember steve jobs telling last time that video ipod does not make any sense. The screen is too small. You cannot connect it to the TV. Content is not present yet. But they still came out with one. And as usual, I got super-excited. Felt something missing in life, and the sudden urge to get the new iPod. But then i thought about it. Its not a big deal.

Its just an incremental update to the iPod that we have been expecting (since apple started using chips that supported video decoding and itunes supporting video podcasts). I still have the memory fresh in my mind when I jumped on Photo iPod bandwagon immediately when it came out. Its not even an year ago, and now the video iPod. I cant justify this one as the iPod dosent have speakers. So i cant show the video to a bunch of friends like pictures. But who knows…time shall tell.


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