In search of the perfect Ultracompact Camera

So I am looking for a good ultracompact camera which does not suck. The main criteria is the pictures should be good without flash and camera to be compact. I am not really into printing the pictures, so a 3 MP camera does the job.

Panasonic LumixThere was one camera that was always on my mind, the Panasonic Lumix DMC FX7. I wanted this camera because it has an Optical Image Stabilizer, which really helps while taking pictures with a slow aperture speed and without the flash. However, the camera sucked big time. It has a huge screen with a really bad resolution, and the pictures are horrible indoors. The worst thing, it does not have manual shutter speed setting, so the image stabilizer dosent really matter.

Casio S500The next one was a really cool looking camera: Casio S500. Its truly “ultracompact” and records video in MPEG-4. This was also a total waste of money. MPEG4 is just for name sake on this camera, it records movies at 4 MBPS at 640×480 resolution (this is what all other cameras do). Again, the indoor pictures are quite horrible.. so another waste of time.

People say sony makes good ultracompact camera, however the company is having quality issues nowadays and also it uses too much proprietory stuff in it (like the memory card).

I guess i will be getting the time-proven Canon SD400 now.


  1. Canon Rocks ! I have an SD300, works wonders- Indoors too:D


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