Nintendo Completes 20 Years

October 27, 2005 on 12:20 am

Nintendo/NES (called Samurai in India) just completed 20 years of its release. Its a moment of nostalgia for a lot of people who grew up with the beeping sounds of its games.
One of the best things nintendo has done is to stick with more playability and fun factor of the games as compared to other consoles, which added a lot of flesh and blood and adult content.

Even though nintendo is no more a market leader (it used to be 95% of market at its peak), it still has a great legacy of games that are still more fun to play than a lot of the new high-tech games. Some of my personal favourites were Super Mario Bros, Tennis, Contra, Bomber Man, Pro-AM, Jungle, Excite Bike, etc.

Below is a tribute to the greatest game ever made, Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario by Punk Covers (for Rock fans)
Super Mario by London Symphony Orchestra
Super Mario Remix!



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