Challenge yourself !

As we all know, life is full of challenges. Challenge to get into a good school, good college, good job, good position, everything. Some of them are long term, and are generally resolved as time passes. Some of them are short term, and need immediate attention, for example, to finish a very important assignment at school, or to get a job after graduation. Short term challenges create a sense of tension in us, and when they are achieved, we feel happy. They also keep us busy and minds occupied until they are resolved.

However, what happens when there are no challenges? There is no tension, the mind gets free. Then we start thinking about doing new things we like in this free time. We go on vacation, eat good food, watch favorite movies, go partying with friends. However, there is still a sense of boredom. When you tell this to other people who are fighting with problems, they laugh on you. There are no problems in our life, which starts becoming a problem. There is nothing to look forward to, no big mountain to climb. Life becomes predictable. We cannot figure out how to get the zing back in life (and creating problems is not the answer).

One solution is to create challenges for yourself, doing things that you always thought to be difficult or impossible to do. For example, playing a musical instrument, writing a poem, training for marathon, learning a new sport, or simply watching all the movies involving Woody Allen. These things may not be real challenges, but they surely brings hapiness back to the life when they are achieved. So whenever you think you are bored, take up something you have never done.


  1. hello Dwipal.
    exactly. we need to do challenge ourselves.
    I just read 5 to 6 of ur articles and they were quite good in the sense that they made me as a reader, think. And it is good. I mean, this article was really good.
    Thanks a lot for sharing it with the readers. And, secondly, inspiring too.


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