How do you read the news?

Every morning, the first thing I (and a lot of people) do is to check the news. Internet has made it easy to get the latest news whenever we want. News aggregator sites like help by consolidating everything on one page. However, I am still in the look of "the perfect news site".

Google news has a good 2-column layout, but their news are "too automated". Yahoo news has good content, but their layout sucks. I also go to some other random sites for different news. In general, no website gives the ease of an actual newspaper with the latest news.

RSS feeds from news websites can help us achieve this, but most RSS readers aren't meant for reading multiple feeds at the same time. I have attempted to create a news page according to my taste, which gives a feel of a regular newspaper. It has too much content, but the content does not change much during the day. You can check it out at

Let me know if you have some good suggestions for this.


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