Video Game Consoles: Then and Now

I have been an avid video-game player since childhood, and used to spend entire days playing games like mario, tennis, pro-am, etc. Then came the computer, and it immediately replaced the gaming consoles for me. I started with the old DOS games like cat, para-trooper, bricks on a good old hercules "soft white" monitor. They were replaced with more graphic games like gpcga, indy, prince of persia, F15 Flight Simulator, and then by the great 3d games like wolf, doom, duke, sim-city, warcraft, and the list goes on and on. There were always the PS1, dreamcast, etc. consoles, but they never got big in India.

Then I came to US to study, and got myself a nice XBOX as soon as I graduated. However, surprisingly, I never caught on to it as i was on the older games, they were all the same games with slightly more bells and whistles. The XBOX controller was same as the original nintendo controller, just with more buttons on it. No fundamental change (well, except the online gaming stuff). And before I could fully utilize it, all is upgraded again. We now have the XBOX 360 out in market, with PS3 and Nintendo Revolution following.

These new consoles are a major upgrade to the existing ones in all aspects, processor, memory, graphics capability, etc. However, there is still no fundamental change in XBOX and PS3, they are just beefier now. They are super-hyped for their graphics capability, I wonder if it actually makes the gameplay better.

Talking about innovation, the Nintendo Revolution is the only one that has been designed "out of the box". Nintendo always had the "less powerful" consoles, but always had the games focussed on more fun-factor and game play rather than graphics. With this new console, I have my full faith that they will be back on the top. You can check out this video to find out why its worth the wait.

Happy Gaming !!


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