Why I Hate Apple

Apple has always played games with me. Here is a list:

1. I bought the iB
ook G3 (my first apple). 35 days after that, all iBooks were upgraded to G4.
2. The iBook came with Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar). It soon got obsolete and Tiger came in. So i bought Mac OS X 10.3 (Tiger). Within a couple of months it was upgraded to Panther.
3. Same thing happened with iLife. 2 upgrades in <2 years.
4. Then I bought the all new upgraded powerbook G4, with a ultra bright LCD and stuff. And now apple announced the new Intel Based Apple MacBooks.
5. Because things got upgraded as soon as i bought them, I got the new iPod Photo as soon as it came out. And then they slashed the prices in 1.5 months of that.

Well, technically, it might be my fault, that I am stuck in the wrong upgrade cycle. However, I strongly feel that a Mac should feel like its the latest for atleast 9-12 months.


  1. Agree. But then .... this always happens in high tech stuff.

    The trick is, if you want something you buy as soon as that product/upgrade is released. But, I agree, atleast with the ipod its been crazy release cycles. Likely driven by the equally crazy market.

    I'll be waiting for the 1st revision of the macbooks. :p


  2. CBeitz12:14 PM

    I hate apple for host of different reasons that are all summed up like this "The worst hardware and customer support I have ever experienced!"

    In the last three two Mac's died and I just bought(was forced to buy) a Macbook for my daughter and I could not get it out of the apple store before it broke. It is sitting at the store right now and the apple "genius"(an oxymoron) is trying to diagnose and fix the problem. This has gone on for two days.

    Oh and did I say that the apple store told me the Macbook was ready with all my data transfered from an Ibook and whn I checked it nothing had been transfered. Great cusotmer service.

    To close out this rant...3 IPod's in three years all broke...my cheap MP3 player from MPIO has not skipped a beat in the same time.

    That is why I hate apple!!!!!

  3. While it does happen in high tech stuff, I must agree. However, most things you can get for a PC will last you a year or two, if not three. I have been posting some stuff about some things that people don't realize about Apple on my blog: http://kelpie.xenoci.de/blog/ Check it out.
    It's the first post, however, the other three posts may fancy you.


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