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JMIBBrowser released on sourceforge

So I have finally released the MIB Browser on sourceforge. It now uses the SNMP4J Libraries, and provides better "Set" support.

Here is the sourceforge page:

A Splash of Life :)

Inspired by the goldfish in "Me, You and Everyone We Know", and having nothing better to do on a rainy sunday afternoon, I decided to buy a fish. It is also a precursor of my ultimate target to get a dog.

So I dragged 2 of my friends to a store called "Seascapes" in mountain view. I wanted to start small.. just 1 fish in a hassle-free container. The lady there was very helpful, and patiently answered all the random questions we shot at her.

Finally, we ended up buying a nice bright strawberry colored "Male Betta" fish. Bettas are one of the few fishes that can survive in a small tank. They breath the oxygen from air, so don't need a filter in the tank. They also are "loners", will actually fight till death if 2 of them are kept together.

After an extremely strong and threatening recommendation from a friend, the fish has been named "Splash". In the last 20 hours, he has been pretty active. He immediately eats the food dropped in the …

Google eBayse

There has been some noise around google coming out with their payment option on their google base service. Having worked with paypal in the past, things like these are always interesting to dig into. I was never exactly convinced with the idea of google base to replace ebay or craigslist, their interface simply doesn't appeal. (Check out if you like structured blogging) Anyways, so I thought of checking it out by trying to find out tickets of "Yeah Yeah Yeah" concert due in SF on 2nd March.

1. Go to
2. Click on "tickets". Get a long list of tote bags (wtf)!
3. Search for "Yeah Yeah Yeah" in tickets.
4. Click on one of the ads for san francisco
5. The ad is by some site called "".
6. The "Buy Now" button on this ad takes you to the eBay listing! (Ahhh.. free advertisement for ebay)

This is a side effect of google base allowing people to list items for free. Because they …

Movie: Me and You and Everyone We Know

A friend just recommended me this movie.

Its about how people struggle to connect with each other in today's world. Its an extremely simple, light hearted movie which will leave you with heavy heart. The more you think about this movie, the more you realize how true it is.

If you watch only one movie per year, this is the one.

Here is the homepage of this movie:

Sunshine in Portland!

So I just visited portland and seattle over the long weekend. It was a pretty much chilled out vacation, basically relaxed and hanged out with my whole jingband of friends. We visited Multinoa falls in Portland, 2 Indian restaurants in Seattle( Cedars was one of them) and Trinity Club. The best part about this trip was there was absolutely no rain (Saturday was actually a nice sunny day). It was pretty cold, though :)

This video summarizes the entire trip..

In case you are curious how it was made:
All pictures and clips taken using Canon SD400 CameraMovie editing done using iMovie HD on G4 PowerbookOriginal movie encoded in DIVX Format.
Video hosted on

GSM Phone Rant..

I recently switched to Cingular because i wanted a GSM based phone. For some unknown random reasons, GSM phones are less crippled and have more "basic" features than CDMA phones. They also have a SIM card, which can simply be put in a different phone.

Most of the new GSM phones that are coming out are either tri-band or quad-band. Cingular runs on 2 bands, 850 MHz and 1900 MHz. However, the new (and awesome) tri-band phones like Nokia N Series, SE W800, etc. dont have the 850 MHz band. This is probably because the rest of the world do not use this band.

Is it that difficult to create a quad band phone? Are American phone companies so annoyingly bad that they don't promote a quad band phone? People who buy these unlocked phones are paying the same service charge, so the companies actually make more money as they dont give away a free phone! If a small phone like the Motorola RAZR can be quad band, what might be stopping other phones from that?

Its so not fair.

The Phone Story...

So I have been in the market for a new phone since a really long time now. After giving a shot to the Sprint PM6800 PDA Phone, which was a really bad experience in all the terms (Windows PocketPC+Mac interoperability, Sprint Customer Support and others), I decided that it was the time to move away from CDMA to the more "open" GSM phones.

After checking out all the phones, there were not many options available for Cingular compatible phones (there are very few quad-band, or 850 Mhz tri-band phones in the market). So I decided not to get something very fancy and ordered the Sony Ericsson Z520a from (it was -100$ after rebates!)

Having waited impatiently for 3 days, it finally arrived, and I set it up and called cingular to port my old number to this new one. They advised me to confirm with amazon if I can do this. Well, anyways, I called Amazon, and they said that my rebate will be cancelled if I ported the old number to this one !!!! Its like WTH! I could have just …

Web 2.0 Logos

Originally uploaded by Stabilo Boss. Found this on flickr, has logos of all the great Web 2.0 companies. (No, yahoo, ebay, google etc. are not on it and yes, YouTube is there in the list.).

In case you are wondering where these compnies are.. someone has done a great job using google maps.