Google eBayse

There has been some noise around google coming out with their payment option on their google base service. Having worked with paypal in the past, things like these are always interesting to dig into. I was never exactly convinced with the idea of google base to replace ebay or craigslist, their interface simply doesn't appeal. (Check out if you like structured blogging) Anyways, so I thought of checking it out by trying to find out tickets of "Yeah Yeah Yeah" concert due in SF on 2nd March.

1. Go to
2. Click on "tickets". Get a long list of tote bags (wtf)!
3. Search for "Yeah Yeah Yeah" in tickets.
4. Click on one of the ads for san francisco
5. The ad is by some site called "".
6. The "Buy Now" button on this ad takes you to the eBay listing! (Ahhh.. free advertisement for ebay)

This is a side effect of google base allowing people to list items for free. Because they have APIs and stuff to post, it becomes very easy for someone to dump their entire ebay items list on google base. As eBay charges for items, and craigslist needs manual involvement for posting each item, the junk stays away.

Lets see if google gets lucky on this one..


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