GSM Phone Rant..

I recently switched to Cingular because i wanted a GSM based phone. For some unknown random reasons, GSM phones are less crippled and have more "basic" features than CDMA phones. They also have a SIM card, which can simply be put in a different phone.

Most of the new GSM phones that are coming out are either tri-band or quad-band. Cingular runs on 2 bands, 850 MHz and 1900 MHz. However, the new (and awesome) tri-band phones like Nokia N Series, SE W800, etc. dont have the 850 MHz band. This is probably because the rest of the world do not use this band.

Is it that difficult to create a quad band phone? Are American phone companies so annoyingly bad that they don't promote a quad band phone? People who buy these unlocked phones are paying the same service charge, so the companies actually make more money as they dont give away a free phone! If a small phone like the Motorola RAZR can be quad band, what might be stopping other phones from that?

Its so not fair.


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