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So I have been in the market for a new phone since a really long time now. After giving a shot to the Sprint PM6800 PDA Phone, which was a really bad experience in all the terms (Windows PocketPC+Mac interoperability, Sprint Customer Support and others), I decided that it was the time to move away from CDMA to the more "open" GSM phones.

After checking out all the phones, there were not many options available for Cingular compatible phones (there are very few quad-band, or 850 Mhz tri-band phones in the market). So I decided not to get something very fancy and ordered the Sony Ericsson Z520a from (it was -100$ after rebates!)

Having waited impatiently for 3 days, it finally arrived, and I set it up and called cingular to port my old number to this new one. They advised me to confirm with amazon if I can do this. Well, anyways, I called Amazon, and they said that my rebate will be cancelled if I ported the old number to this one !!!! Its like WTH! I could have just bought the phone from a store and not wait for 2 days !!! No wonder AMZN stock is going down.

So basically, in the end, I decided to give it all up and just got the number ported. Now I am a proud owner of the Sony Ericsson Z520a GSM phone. This phone has all the features I wanted (bluetooth sync, remote control, flip phone, good battery life) without the extra baggage. Its all going to be a happy ending with a good phone that is not badly crippled by the provider.


  1. Check out
    Forget iTunes part, its still a cool phone, quad band and stuff, and iSync!

    ... I want to trade my k700i now!

  2. dont like the SLVR phone..

    1. not flip (i like flip phones)
    2. not sure if it supports salling clicker (RAZR does not support), salling yet does not say that this one does.
    3. 200 bucks?!
    4. Check this out:
    its the slvr without itunes (and its triband :( ) but its PRETTY CHEAP.

    5. sony has the UI stuff, so actually, even though i bought salling clicker, i was able to control itunes and all using the phone directly.

  3. - I hate flips :)
    - there is hope from salling clicker :)
    check out the last post by 'salling'. might take a while for an update though.
    - the phone is already on amazon for $50. (albeit with conditions & rebates), but the unlocked one is starting to show up for $250 at some sites and ebay powersellers


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