A Splash of Life :)

Inspired by the goldfish in "Me, You and Everyone We Know", and having nothing better to do on a rainy sunday afternoon, I decided to buy a fish. It is also a precursor of my ultimate target to get a dog.

So I dragged 2 of my friends to a store called "Seascapes" in mountain view. I wanted to start small.. just 1 fish in a hassle-free container. The lady there was very helpful, and patiently answered all the random questions we shot at her.

Finally, we ended up buying a nice bright strawberry colored "Male Betta" fish. Bettas are one of the few fishes that can survive in a small tank. They breath the oxygen from air, so don't need a filter in the tank. They also are "loners", will actually fight till death if 2 of them are kept together.

After an extremely strong and threatening recommendation from a friend, the fish has been named "Splash". In the last 20 hours, he has been pretty active. He immediately eats the food dropped in the pot (will upload a video soon). He is expected to live around 5 years under normal circumstances, am looking forward for that.

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure...


  1. put a link to seascape store! We ate the lady's head with a million questions and she was kind enough to answer all of them - she deserves some free marketing :-)

  2. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Betta's r cute. But, just be careful not to overfeed them. Not to scare u but mine died as a friend of mine overfed him. cool name!!


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