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Is Apple more 'evil' than Microsoft?

Its been a really long time since I've heard anything against Apple, it seems that they are doing everything perfect. People are loving them, and their market share in computers is expected to reach around 8% by the end of this year! However, we must realize that Apple was never able to gain a bigger market share because they 'locked' their users to use everything made by them. Even though they make cool products, it does not mean that they are less 'evil'. Here are a few points:
iPod only supports iTunes, and iTunes DRM. It can not be used with any other media player, so you are locked on it.Apple DRM only works with iTunes+iPod, and not with any other hardware. Mac OS X runs only on apple hardware.You have to buy a 'pro' version of Apple Quicktime to watch full screen videos!Apple has a reputation to destroy companies who have made innovative apps (Sherlock, Konfabulator, etc). The companies are not even credited for it.They have way too many releases with…

Lip Balm Reviews

So I realized that I have like 7 different types of lip balm sticks, so thought of writing a short review. Its not that I am obsessed with them, but most of them don't do the job well, and you are required to apply them every now and them, so I end up buying one whenever something interesting appears on the shelves.

Here is the list:
1. Chap Stick ( $1-2)
2. Neutrogina Lip Balm ( $3 )
3. Blistex Lip Balm ($1-2)
4. Some 'Nature' Aloe Vera Lip Balm from Trader Joes ($1-2)
5. Jamba Juice 'Aloha Pinapple' Lip Balm ($1.5)
6. Loccitane Shea Butter Lip Balm ( $10 )
7. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm ( $3 )

Of all these, the first 3 just feel like solidified petroleum jelly. They just form a layer over the skin, and are far away from any sort of moisturizer. You have to apply it very frequently, and it does not really help a lot. The Aloe Vera one does have something added to it which gives a slight cooling effect, but its the same. Jamba Juice one is more for the 'flavor'…

A way to prevent spending..

Starting March 5th, I had decided to put a 1 month moratorium on all the spending except basic necesseties like food and drinks. There were multiple instances during these 10 days where the moratorium saved me from spending, which I would have done otherwise. This is specially to stop spending money on 'impulsive purchases', which are the things that you don't need.

If you feel strongly for buying something, make sure you don't buy it for a few days. It will kill the desire of unwanted spending, and will actually make you happy that the money didn't go wasted. Now, even after a few days, if you feel the need of that item, then you can go ahead and buy it. Most of the time, you won't :).

Following are the list of items I would have bought otherwise:
1. Sony Erricson P910 PDA Phone
2. Building a custom DVR (Tivo)
3. Playstation 2 with Katamari Damacy

So, during this time, I have learned to delay purchasing anything by atleast 10 days. If you can live without it for tha…

Days of a week..

Here are some views on the days of a week..

Monday: This is the first day of the week. You just had a super-exciting weekend. You are all charged up for work. "I Love Mondays. Anything can happen on a monday."

Tuesday: Hmm.. the week is going on. Last weekend's memories are fading, and there is no weekend on the horizon. Life starts to suck. So much work to do.

Wednesday: Oh man. There are no memories left of last weekend, the the next weekend is sooooo far. There is very little work done in the last 2 days, and tons of work to do. Can there be a worse day in life ??

Thursday: Ahhh.. finally weekend can be seen. Tomorrow is friday. The best day in a week. Work is winding up. People are getting in a holiday mood. Spring is coming, the snow is over. Plans are being made for the weekend.

Friday: Needs no explaination. Undisputably the best day of the week.

Saturday: Oh man.. such a hangover from friday. Lets chill in the day, have to go out in the night. Oh wait.. we have to go …

When will Gmail come out of beta!

I used to be a big supporter of gmail for the features it provides. I was totally addicted to the threading, and their pop+smtp support. They have some really cool (and useful) features, like the outgoing mail from smtp server will be added to the thread, popped emails will be archived instead of deleted, etc. My primary email (off domain) was being routed to the gmail account. However, gmail has always been plagued by realibility issues, which, even though I hoped will be resolved soon, are still there even after almost a year of usage.

1. Their pop and smtp servers go down a lot.
2. Emails get delayed, sometimes by hours.
3. I am not sure about this, but some friends claim to have sent me an email which i never received.

So i got off gmail till these things get resolved. Wonder when they will come out of "beta"!

How much space do you like to have?

I am kindof a social person, like to have people around me. Staying alone usually bores the hell out of me. So I was once having a small conversation with a friend, and she is the completely opposite of me. She likes to spend time with "herself". Her favorite dialogue is "I love my company".

Someone may say that if you have a ton of people hanging out at your place, you will prefer to spend time on your own self, and if you usually are on your own, you will enjoy some company, and there is always a balance created. But knowing my friend since a long time, I can totally deduce that some people just like to spend time on their own, and I simply to prefer to have people around me.

Just a point to ponder.. what kind of person are you?