Days of a week..

Here are some views on the days of a week..

: This is the first day of the week. You just had a super-exciting weekend. You are all charged up for work. "I Love Mondays. Anything can happen on a monday."

Tuesday: Hmm.. the week is going on. Last weekend's memories are fading, and there is no weekend on the horizon. Life starts to suck. So much work to do.

Wednesday: Oh man. There are no memories left of last weekend, the the next weekend is sooooo far. There is very little work done in the last 2 days, and tons of work to do. Can there be a worse day in life ??

Thursday: Ahhh.. finally weekend can be seen. Tomorrow is friday. The best day in a week. Work is winding up. People are getting in a holiday mood. Spring is coming, the snow is over. Plans are being made for the weekend.

Friday: Needs no explaination. Undisputably the best day of the week.

Saturday: Oh man.. such a hangover from friday. Lets chill in the day, have to go out in the night. Oh wait.. we have to go hiking today and rest tomorrow before partying in the evening.

Sunday: Tired by friday and saturday, out of energy. No more holidays left. A dreadful work week waiting for u. No plans for the evening. Why does good things get over so fast?


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