Confusion: Funny or Annoying?

So I saw the new hindi movie 'Maalamal', and despite of my friends loving the movie, I could barely stand it. On thinking about the 'funny' stuff in the movie, I realized that there is a particular 'type' of humor that I find quite irritating.

Its basically when they try to produce humor with confusion and stupidity. Now, it does not mean that this kind of content is bad by its own. But when confusion is created without it being necessary, on the basis of 'lies', just to create 'humor', then it looses the funniness. An example for this will be someone will lie in the beginning of the movie for no reason at all, and then try to hide the lie by saying more lies (again, which are not required). Or someone doing something insanely dumb to create confusion.

Confusion created genuinely is funny. Seinfield or Raymond has all the confusion that can be present in the world, and that is quite humorous. This confusion is not created just for the heck of creating it, but it actually just "appears" naturally.


  1. I agree about malamaal (i had told u the movie is stupid) and about this confusion thing as well - finally, we agree about some movie and some thought!


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