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What can brown do for you

Picture(s) of the Day!

A girl wearing really "high" platforms. These bricks (oops... shoes) are the highest I have come across. Not sure about the reason behind wearing those, would be interesting to know how much they weigh.

Menu at King of Krung Siam Thai Restaurant, Mountain View. They have amongst the strangest (funniest) item names I have come across since a long time. Where else can you order "Ocean Girls" at a restaurant ;)

(Pictures taken with Sony Ericsson K750i)

Survival Guide to Indian (Gujju) <--> US English

These is a short list of some words that are useful from Indians travelling to US (and vice-versa). Words in brackets are Indian versions.

Apartment ( Flat )
House / Studio / Condo (Bungalow / Flat)
Job ( Office )
Office (Cabin)
Soda ( Any Cold Drink )
Gas (Petrol)
Gas Station (Petrol Pump)
Last Name (Surname)
Photocopy (Xerox)
Cop (Police)
School ( School / College!! )
Grade (Standard) [ for school, like he is in 4th grade ]
Kids (Children)
Comforter (Blanket)
Shower ( Bath )
To Go (Packed)
Candy (Chocolate)
Check (Bill)
Rest Room (Toilet)
Yogurt (Curd)
Couch (Sofa)
Hood (Bonnet)
Elevator (Lift)

If you know of any more words, add a comment to this blog :)

Worst Gifts

The most thoughtless gifts I have ever seen (Unless it is extremely well thought of):

1. Photo Frame
2. Key Chain
3. Flower Vase
4. Purse / Wallet
5. Pen Set

(A gift certificate might be more useful...)

Strings Concert in Oakland, CA

Strings just performed in Oakland. They are awesome performers on stage, and it was a charm to watch them sing. They played all their popular songs, and also some of the other songe (my fav. being Dama dum mast kalender, Koi kahe kehta rahe, etc). This is what sets apart great performers from just bands. Strings really involved the crowd, and made sure that they enjoy every bit of it. I wished they would sell CDs of their albums at the end of the show.

Here is a small clip someone took off their concert.

Yahoo Messenger blocks YouTube URLs

It seems that Yahoo Messenger removes all messages with URLs in it. I was trying to send a link to a friend, and it never reached the other side. Even though Yahoo has a right to do whatever they want on their servers, this seems completely wrong.

Sony Ericsson K750i -> W800

I recently bought the SE K750i Phone. It is a great phone, with a 2 MP camera which actually takes pretty good pictures. However, there were some issues with the phone which caused a minor annoyance:
1. It did not have the "search" function in address book. You can only go to the first character of a name, but cannot actually type in the full name.
2. Even though it had walkman functionality, you cannot use it on airplane.
3. I was having issues with its reception at some places (like my living room), where my old SE z520 was working fine.

So anyways, these things were enough to do something to resolve them. Because of the poor reception at home, I was even considering getting the Nokia 6270 (Nokia has a reputation to have really good reception). On looking up the web for playing around with K750i, I found some links where people installed the W800 firmware on this phone without any problem.

I followed the guide on It uses a software f…
"All your video are belong to us."

So we posted a down page with some fun.. and cnet posted a story on it!!

This is where the tagline is from.