Plan your travel?

There are 2 kinds of people when it comes to travelling:

1. Those who plan the whole trip out in detail
2. Those who don't

I recently had a discussion with someone going to Europe through a travelling company (so was a package tour, everything included) on how in-depth they had planned the trip. They had talked with other people who had taken the same trip, and had a detailed plan on what to do each day, what to eat at which place, where to shop, where not to shop, what shows to see, what clothes to take, what care to take at each hotel, etc. They had notes that the Pizza you get at the Leaning Tower was not good, and they will need paper napkins on their first day in Paris because they will be served food out of a box.

Now, it is definitely going to make their trip a more comfortable, but then it sort of killed the whole excitement about going to a new place. There were no surprises left in the trip, everything they were doing was excepted. Also, their trip now got biased from the experiences of people they talked to. They also knew the jokes that the tour guide will make, which won't be funny any more.

Some planning is always good to do, so you don't end up in a mess, but planning like this is spoiling the trip. Next time you plan a trip, leave some place for exploration in that :). You might end up doing something totally unexpected, and will totally love it. As it is said, plan but don't overplan.


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