Peaceful easy feeling

Nowadays, there is no time for anything. It just seems that you have spent a lot of time staying very busy, but there is nothing done. One reason for this is when there are a lot of things to do, you get excited and don't get anything done. As a result of this, you loose 'peace' and always feel stressed out. There are tons of books/ideas on how to manage your time, but here are some easy things that will get some peace in life:

1. Take a good lunch break, and eat slowly. Eating fast is not only unhealthy, but also keeps the brain busy. Taking a nice short break with a change of pace during lunch will revitalize the mind and get it ready for all the work coming up.

2. Read a book. In this speed-age, we have gotten used to getting information fast and lost patience. Reading a book not just for the heck of reading it, but for enjoying the text helps relax.

3. Listen to music (and not in background). Just chilling for a while, listening to some music that you like will help relax too. Make sure that the computer is not on, and you are not doing anything else but listening to music, though.

4. Sleep. Sometimes, this is just what you need to relax. If you have been very busy, having a few extra hours of sleep is really helpful.

5. Go for a walk. This is not for exercise and weight loss. Just taking a brisk walk in the park is quite helpful.

6. Talk to some far-away friends. Not only this helps you stay in touch with them, it also feels good to talk with them and definitely gives a break from the current jargon of thoughts that could cause stress.

7. Watch a movie. Sometimes, there is no time even for movies, so this will make you find atleast 3 hours of good relaxing time.


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