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How to cancel your netflix account without calling them.

Netflix removed a direct link that will let you cancel the account, and instead instructs you to call their customer support.

There is a work around if you still want to cancel it:
Put your subscription on holdThere will be a button to 'Restart' the subscription, or to 'Cancel' it. This cancel works fine, and you don't have to call the customer support.Enjoy!

Listening to internet radio on the go

I finally decided to make use of the fancy Symbian S60 phone to listen to internet radio (shoutcast) while on the go. We have fast 3G connections, so there should be no reason to tie up with the computer to listen to internet radio.

After a few hours of effort, I got the S60 Internet Radio to work.

Here is a link to the wiki with instructions on getting it. I had to figure out some stuff, but have updated the wiki so you should be good to go.