How to cancel your netflix account without calling them.

Netflix removed a direct link that will let you cancel the account, and instead instructs you to call their customer support.

There is a work around if you still want to cancel it:
  • Put your subscription on hold
  • There will be a button to 'Restart' the subscription, or to 'Cancel' it. This cancel works fine, and you don't have to call the customer support.


  1. phyllis Long7:19 PM

    please cancel my account for net flex Phyllis E Long 510 elliott rd ,kernersville NC 27284.
    The account is charge on a Chase credit card the number is on the account

    Thank you.

    Reason: I'm not home enough to justify the account

  2. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Thanks man^^ This works. Way better than having to call and have them try to persuade you to stay

  3. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Please cancel my subscription to Netflix. I don't have time to even watch t.v., much less a movie. My name is Mary Dickerson, 215 W. Grand Central Ave.,#604, Tampa, Florida 33606. Thanks very much!

  4. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Hey! where is the cancel button? I cant see it!

  5. Anonymous5:15 PM

    You need to leave your credit card number on this site in order to cancel your netflix, sillies...Phyllis Long and Mary "anonymous" Dickerson...

    People are so sadly stupid in this once great nation of ours.

  6. Anonymous7:10 AM

    my name is gwendolyn wiley and i would like to cancel my netflix account, 605 leland ave apt 503, university city MO 63130. please cancel asap. I will be moving to another state. maybe i'll join when my move is complete.

  7. Anonymous6:19 AM

    do you have to pay to cancel your account?

  8. Anonymous10:54 AM

    This website offers a years Netflix subscription completely free of charge. Yes you read that correctly it’s FREE, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, what you do, anybody can get a free Netflix account from WorldFlix! Now you may be thinking who in their right mind would give away a years Netflix?

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