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My New Venture:

Just launched my new website:

It's a new kind of relationship and online dating site that helps you to find someone based off of your favorites (movies, music, tv shows, and books).

Not single? No worries - you can also use the site to connect with a new friend.

Check it out!

To pre or not to pre

My perspective on the Palm Pre...

KeyboardIM / Chat
Background AppsAddress book integration with Gmail, Facebook, etcSprint's networkCons:
No international / global roaming possible (due to CDMA)Plastic body, prone to scratching easilyBrowser seems to have some font/rendering issues (check out on the pre)Device a bit too small (its a plus for some people, I would prefer to have an iphone-sized screen)
Still confused.

Happy Star Wars Day

May the fourth be with you!!

How much do you use Twitter?

I signed up for Twitter a long time ago (March 2007 to be exact), used it for a few days, realized its fun but useless and stopped using it.

Since then, twitter has had an exponential growth, and specially exploded in the last few months. However, unlike Facebook or YouTube (to which twitter is being compared with) I don't find it sticky or interesting enough on a regular basis.

A recent report by neilsen just confirmed this: 60% of people who sign up for twitter stop using it within a month.

Curious how long will the 'twitter effect' last??