TheIceBreak Tech Overview

A few people asked me what we use at TheIceBreak, so here it goes:
  • Linux / Apache / MySQL / Python
  • Pylons Framework (SQLAlchemy ORM, Mako Templating Engine)
  • Lucene for Search
  • JQuery for website
  • Appcelerator Titanium for mobile app.
  • Redis for caching
  • GIT for source control, hosted on github
  • nginx as load balancer
  • Linode VPS for hosting webservers / database
  • Amazon S3 for images
 Besides this, it consists of:
  • 3 main servers: Web, Search, Database
  • 1 dev server, which also contains a database replica (in case the main server crashes)
  • The dev server also hosts a 'stage2', which is as similar in structure to the live site as it can. Everything that is pushed live goes through stage2 to make sure that nothing breaks.
Using this setup, I have been able to keep the latency of most (dynamic) pages to under 150 ms. 


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