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A personal review of Lytro Camera

I just received my Lytro camera on Friday.  I played with it for 2 days, carrying it almost everywhere I went. There were a lotof 'pro' reviewson the camera, but very few consumer ones, so I thought I will write down my thoughts on it.

Quick summary on Lytro as a camera:

What I liked:
It is a very well built camera. It feels great in the hands, and its construction is high quality.Its fast. There is no shutter lag. The touch interface works great and is easy to use.It charges via USB when connected to the computer.Software is minimal but decent. Lytro uses its own image format, so you need the software to view the photos. There are tons of other things I wished it did, but it does the job for now.Image quality (besides the resolution) is pretty decent. What I didn't like: The screen is horrible. I can't believe they put such a poor quality screen on this camera.The demos that they have on their site are definitely not with a real camera.. the screen in their demos is cryst…