Is Apple more 'evil' than Microsoft?

Its been a really long time since I've heard anything against Apple, it seems that they are doing everything perfect. People are loving them, and their market share in computers is expected to reach around 8% by the end of this year! However, we must realize that Apple was never able to gain a bigger market share because they 'locked' their users to use everything made by them. Even though they make cool products, it does not mean that they are less 'evil'. Here are a few points:
  • iPod only supports iTunes, and iTunes DRM. It can not be used with any other media player, so you are locked on it.
  • Apple DRM only works with iTunes+iPod, and not with any other hardware.
  • Mac OS X runs only on apple hardware.
  • You have to buy a 'pro' version of Apple Quicktime to watch full screen videos!
  • Apple has a reputation to destroy companies who have made innovative apps (Sherlock, Konfabulator, etc). The companies are not even credited for it.
  • They have way too many releases with really miniscule changes (Mac OS X 10.1 - 10.4 have very small changes in each subsequent release. Same with iLife. Its ridiculous how Apple makes you buy a new version of OS and iLife every year).

Now, as compared to them, windows locks you to use their software, but you are free to use any hardware. Also, they don't charge their users for Service Packs :D.

So who is more evil ?

Written on a 15" Apple Powerbook


  1. Anonymous1:00 AM

    are you nuts,

    I always thought you are an apple fanatic,

    Gosh, time changes everyone, not even allmighty DD remains same

  2. One year later and you are still correct.

    If Apple were subjected to the ruling the Europeans just issued Microsoft, they would be hurting.

    From a developers prospective, Vista is much better than OS 10 - Microsoft even gives away basic development tools like and visual studio on their website.

    The iPod is a rip off. There are better sites for music and there are better players.

    What Apple did do correctly is allow users to submit their own podcast and homemade music in one location - the itunes website.

    Because of this 'open' philosophy on podcasting, Apple has seen some spill over to their computers and phone.

    Once the shine is off this recent Apple phase, people will see them for what they are - profit driven dictators who charge too much for products IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Palm, Nokia, Toshiba, and Sony have been making well for years.

    The main draw to Apple for consumers will always be industrial design. Choosing Apple will always be like choosing over google because has a 'prettier' interface.

    And Bill Gates (resignedly dorky and gauche though he may be) is 1000 times more of a responsible citizen than the always narcissistic and unlikable Steve Jobs.

  3. Amen Paul, Check out a disturbing post about some recent Apple behavior at
    I will say that Apple does give away XCode tools which is cool. I use both Vista and OSX extensively. I also work on some servers. I come home to my Ubuntu Linux box which I love. It's true that Gates is a great citizen especially compared to Jobs even if I don't agree with Microsoft's behavior totally over the years. I mean they both took their original OSes from Xerox anyway so we kind of all paid for the stolen property in a sense that gave them enough money to become what they are today. Still the recent iPhone SDK stuff that's going on where tons of drones are lining up to be allowed the "privilege" to pay to develop for the totally locked down phone is disturbing. I mean why are they charging $100 bucks for people to develop free applications? Developers make your product better, so why charge them? It's sick, but at least Linux is at a point where most of us, I'd say like 90%, can switch to it and never pay for Apple image whore development products again.

  4. Anonymous10:47 PM

    I agree. I've got nothing against Apple. They sell solid hardware and even their OS ain't half bad. But why all the lock downs? It's bad behavior.

    And with the iPhone seeing all these developers pay to contribute their hard work to the world makes me want to vomit.

    Don't get me started on their environMENTAL issues.

  5. I seriously believe Microsoft wrote, or paid someone to write this page. DO NOT FORGET that Microsoft has done so many horrible things like Bing. Remember that day when suddenly, Bing had mysteriously become your homepage, and Google was't even set as an option for the small search bar to the right of the URL, so, those who were not total computer geeks found it impossible to quickly access Google's search without a download that required Microsoft's stupid UAC (Apple could never dream of making something as evil as that)to pop up and annoy you. Also, can you recall the day when Google Earth mysteriously ceased to work around the time Bing 3D maps was released? Hmm...
    And how biased Bing's search results are. Type "Google is" into the search box, notice the auto complete. "Google is evil", "Google is crap" etc, and everything strongly anti-microsoft will not appear anywhere except auto complete. Try the same phrases with Google and see what you find. Nothing is biased there. I am sure you are thinking I have been hired by Google or Apple to say all this, but i'm not. PC's aren't friendly at all with Apple hardware, Microsoft seems to be the ultimate photocopier. Whatever it likes, it makes a crap-quality copy of it, tries to destroy the original, and force its users to go to MS and use their crap. And, their "send error report" is only to give people peace of mind. THEIR SOFTWARE WOULDN'T HAVE ANY ERRORS IF THEY ACTUALLY LOOKED AT THE ERROR REPORTS AND TRIED TO REPAIR IT! Next, The Ten Commandments of Microsoft:

    1: Thou shalt experience daily crashes

    2: Thou shalt not contact us (you can't, even if you try)

    3: Thou shalt abandon all products of our rivals, and use our crap! (you really have no choice in this)

    4: Thou shalt not store files on your PC that you would not want us to see (the main one they don't want you to know)

    5: Thou shalt not install antivirus software without insanely slow speed and trouble (therefore, no antivirus, buy a new PC every year from infections)

    6: Thou shalt not understand error messages (so you won't know hot truly horrible the computer is)

    7: Thou shalt read biased information only (like I said above, compare Bing and Google results)

    8: Thou shalt not install ANYTHING without contacting the administrator first (to install is basically to move data around the computer. If you are not allowed to move data, then there is something seriously fucked up about your computer)

    9: Thou shalt not run ANYTHING but windows on a PC (Microsoft makes it so their hardware manufacturers make it extremely difficult to install another operating system)

    10: Thou shalt be taunted, frustrated, treated like a child, never get useful support, etc. combined, in general, Thou shalt not be happy.

  6. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Apple must Die for there to humanty


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